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beary mats

Get well soon Mama bear. Baby bear missed you 🙂


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Roger Federer fan

…. pretty obvious 😛

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proud to be TBD

the first time ko mag donate ng blood was when a friend’s brother got into an accident, then every February 14 when I was in college… part ng Patak Dugo – APO’s project.

after that parang nakasanayan ko na mag donate, ewan ko I feel good giving blood… para bang kahit papano may nagagawa akong mabuti he-he-he… pero sabi naman ng nurse maganda din daw sa health.

kung sino may kailangan Type A – available.

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cat massage

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Yuhooooooo….. We’re tied 2-2. That’s my baby! The two-time MVP.

Goodluck and God Bless!

Saddle up! Thursday we Ride!

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here comes the Suns

i am not a phoenix fan, but i like steve nash.
i watched game 5 last night and i’m happy they won from a 3 to 1 deficit.

since i am currently assigned in california – of course everybody cheers for Lakers. for me i just stayed quiet and happy with the result.

life is like a basketball game win some lose some.

yesterday night i dreamt about my mother, haven’t dreamt of her for a while,but she is always in my thoughts.
we had a misunderstanding and i have not spoke with her for a month i guess.

i don’t know, i believed that this time i am right, i want to keep the distance not only to her but to almost everybody. for now, yep maybe for now. coz so far silence is a good alternative, the more i talk, the more i could hurt them… and maybe the more they don’t want to listen… or maybe i just talk to much and there is no communication at all. for they don’t want tell me anything at all.

Like the Suns my life is on a 3 to 2 deficit at the moment, i am tired, yes so tired but there’s still game 6 and i am still hoping for the game 7.

Bring it Back Home! Goodluck Steve. Goodluck Yabi!

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i had an oral surgery yesterday… man so painful… i wonder why it was called wisdom tooth… for me it should be called stupid tooth lol.

why? because first it was impacted second the tooth is stupid enough to grow in a recline manner…

i pity the doctor for her 1 and 1/2 hrs of strugle just to let this stupid tooth to come out…

and because of that tooth, it is my 2nd day that i can’t hardly eat 😦

and it was my first suture in my entire human existence.

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