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Fresno – California

There are no much stuff here in Fresno but in this switch I was able to integrate the latest Hardware in the Market. How cool is that 🙂 ?

And of course I was able to visit my HS friend Norria at Bakersfield. It’s my first time to see her cute Nathan Boy.
We went to LA to eat at May Flower Resto where Manny Pacman loves to eat.

The second visit is more fun… Joseph and I went river rafting at Rivers End Rafting… plus swimming with Nate in the evening and to close the day… a foot spa and body massage with Ria … What more can i say?


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Santa Clara – California

I’m back doing RNC integration. I replaced one engineer at NorCAL for he will go on vacation. But for some reason he resigned so I end up doing the next RNC as well.

I enjoyed my stay in Santa Clara. I worked at the same switch way back 2002. During that time the building was under construction and we have to wear hard hat while testing BSC 960. Good to be back after 10 years with the latest technology to test.

I was able to meet up with some old friends. Emjay my bloggy sissy, My BFF Leng-Leng and her hubby, Rheena my old HS pal and Charis my gimik buddy from Digitel with her hubby Mario whom I used to worked with at the TNS project last 2002.

The higlights’ of this project – I was able to go to Yosemite and drink some vodka and ecstacy at Santana ROW.

… the lowlight is the steroid shot coz my tennis elbow is killing me 🙂

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Aussie Fever

I received my stuff from Australia today… Yay! Thanks ate Dang! Love U!

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My B-day Laboy

One of the happiest b-day ever 🙂 . I celebrated with my High School classmates. Libot libot sa Maryland, Washington DC at tour sa beautiful house ni Madam Glo sa Virginia.

Gloria, Badeth and Maya – Thanks for the surprised party
Gerwin and Hazel – Thanks for the tour sa DC and sa yummy crabs
Allan – Thanks for the patience sa pag drive kahit makulit kaming navigators
Ken – Ah sa akin ka mag Thank You kasi may Barbie ka na. Thanks for being the photog for our libot.

Our circle of friends … One state to another we are all proud Pinoy 🙂

More pictures of our Libot @ this link. And some photos i took in Washington DC and Luray Caverns.

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Eat – Party – Love

One of the sweetest part to be home is to be with your  loved ones – your family, your relatives and your friends 🙂 . I love them all !

More pictures @ this link.

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HS Summer Get Together

May 21, 2011 – I really had a great time with my High School batch mates. We had night swimming at our place – It was really awesome chatting and looking back the memory lane. Lotsa food too 🙂 … and most of all renewal of old friendship. I hope we could do this again when i go back home.

Click this ==>>> for more Pictures.

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An afternoon at Arbor Hills

Testing the Panoramic shots of my Little Boldog 🙂 my new Sony DSC-TX10

My biking buddies… Mr. Valentine and Elmo

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