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I am an Artist v3

I am trying to do some sketches again… Kinda hard to attend photo shoots lately coz of the weather… In a couple of weeks i will go back to school to get my Digital Photography certification …arghhh 5 more subjects.

But it’s ok … You keep me inspired “wink”


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December Weddings

I really had fun doing Wedding Photography. Despite of the busy Laboy Schedule… I was able to do 3 Weddings. The first one I only shoot from the couple’s house and the church. I was not able to shoot at the reception because we have to go back to Cabanatuan to cover the Water District Christmas party.

The 2nd Wedding … lol I was not really scheduled to help on that day because I also had another party to attend 🙂 lol too much party but still I was able to shot some pictures during the reception.

The 3rd wedding … Hmmn I should say that before I left the states I already committed my whole day to shoot… From beginning to the end. I do not have regrets because those couples are the loveliest and should I say most in love… Their pictures would speak for them selves. And i love the location too.

More pictures from the following link:

BJ and Lanie

Edwin and Love

Pot and Ahyang

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I took some photos of vintage cars last Sept. 21, 2009 and posted them on my photo blog site. Somebody made a comment that he liked the pictures and that he would like to published them.

“I love your shots of this event and would like to print some of them in our coming edition. Would it be possible to to download printable sized shot with the appropriate credits?

They are quite brilliant, and the blue old car is an extremely rare SS90 of which only around 35 were built!

i said “yeah right” lol.  But after exchanging emails and researching on his name. I realized that he was not joking.

Now my photos were published on the 143rd edition of Jaguar Magazine in Australia. For a newbie on photography … I should say that sometimes you just need to be on the right place at the right time 🙂 . I considered it as a blessing not luck at all.

From the Jaguar Magazine website:

“A photographic enthusiast went to a Jaguar event in Texas and innocently shot one of the rarest of all S.S. cars – a 90.  We highlight her work.”

Also, one of the photo can be seen at this link. The photo of the blue SS.90.

Here’s the preview of the page. But I do hope that friends from Australia will grab a copy for me 🙂

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Fall Shoot

am really enjoying my photography classes and club workshops… Plano Photography rocks! Learned a lot from the experts and working with the models = F-U-N!

Click here for more shots or visit http://libertyphotography.wordpress.com

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Rainy days are here again

I started to work for a community paper in McKinney. Sounds fun because what i have to do is to shoot football and volleyball games… I want to learn sports photography… the primary reason why I accepted the work.

Not knowing that i need to have fast lens like the 70-200mm f2.8… and man… those bazooka type lens are expensive… I tried using my 18-200mm and got depressed with the results… oh well maybe i have to accept that i am not for this type of photography.

I’d love to continue but i don’t have the money to invest for the lens. Oh well that’s life… blame it on the rain.

Here are some of my shots … Games got delayed because of hard rains… my first 2 nights… me and my camera were all wet.



Click the links below for more pictures:


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Labor Day Weekend

I spent the long weekend taking  pictures of my friends’ family…

here are  the  fruits of my labor…

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so Blessed


I feel so blessed today… Somebody gave me a Studio Lighting kit… it all started when i asked his wife to pose for my photo shoot… didn’t know that the husband was also into photography… he asked me what camera  i use and what sort of lighting do i own… i told him i bought some lights at the cowboy studio… and that i don’t have the budget to buy some alien bees because i recently upgraded from a canon 400D to a canon 50D plus i bought two new lenses and a speed light.

He said he has some lights and he is not using it… and he will give it to me if i want to… i said “OF COURSE”…Now I have more lights to use… Wuhoooo!…. Thankssss a lot!!!



I converted my loft to a mini studio. It took me two weeks to do the set up and now i already started shooting with my friends. Even though i am working straight for the month of August – 7 days a week… my adrenalin pumps everytime i have a schedule for a photo shoot.

I recently did a house warming event and the coming week I’ll be doing family portraits of my friends and office mates plus a bridal portrait on the 23rd. Kinda swamped but it’s ok. I will have some time to relax on Monday for the Air Supply Concert with Christopher Cross plus my friends from Seattle and New York will come visit me on the 27th…

Here’s the link for all the photos… I regularly update my picasa web album with my latest shots.

School is starting on September… Hope to learn more techniques with the new photography classes.

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