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Texas Big D Marathon

Yes… I made it wuhooo!

It was my first marathon. I ran 5k with Happy Larsa and Mr. Charles. Running… Walking… Walking … ok I walked most of the time hahaha.

Some of the guys did the Half Marathon – 13.1 ( I’ll do it next time 😛 )

Me getting ready...

all tied up

With Happy Larsa

With Shawn the Man

After 22 minutes… Got the first place … See the award…

Yeah, Yeah ok, ok … that’s not mine coz I finished walking after 50 minutes hahaha… See the real winner … No other than Mr. Charles!

We’re so proud of you. You rocked!!!

and before we went back to the office… I snapped one shot on the Big Wheel.

I enjoyed the marathon… It was fun.


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