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when it goes teens in TX

i really like the song 🙂

been listening to the song the whole day since i can’t get out coz of the crazy weather 😦


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Snowy Snowy Day

Another crazy weather here in Texas… but i am loving it… sometimes i just wana be frozen hehehe.

Can’t go anywhere… just chilling and watching TV.

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Snow Time in Texas

Miles first snow 😛

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Golfing @ Ridgeview Ranch

*Ring Tone* I opened my eyes. Jesus is calling me. Yeah you read it right… not Papa Jesus 😛 … it’s my golf buddy lols … he woke me up around 10:00am “Hey! Liberty wake up… come on the weather is great … Let’s play golf.” … Ho hummmn ahhh hmmmkei yeah let’s hit some balls.

Besides I really need to continue feeding my tamagochi err my pedometer. Gee I added around 4.35 miles wuhoooo!

oki doki let's go!

oki doki let's go!

Ridgeview Ranch is the closest golf club from my place. Around 2.5 miles. Since I am planning to improve my skills in golf I decided to sign up and be a member of the Player’s Club. It’s $35/month for unlimited range balls, free clinic on Saturdays, free handicap, discounts for afternoon golf and merchandises. Not bad because 1 bucket of balls will cost you $5 and usually you’ll use at least 2 buckets at the driving range. If you hit more than 2 buckets per week then you save a lot of money. My plan is to use the driving range three times a week.

It’s my first time to finished an 18 holes. We started 2:30pm. I was in a conference with my plurk friends but I have to sign off. Sorry guys 🙂 … I missed the cheese max 😛 .

going to the first tee

going to the first tee

The weather is perfect that’s why there are lotsa golfers waiting. Kinda crowded. It took me a while before i got my perfect swing. I really need more practice. I am glad my guru is very patient. He always check my posture. “Bend your knees, eyes on the ball, don’t bend your left arm” 😛 I guess after 7 holes I was able to hit better hehehe.

And where are the golf pictures? … Ahh they’re here. <=== Click the link 🙂

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No Smoking

The bad weather started yesterday afternoon. Temperature started to fall below freezing. On my way home, I took a picture of the no smoking campaign signage at the parking lot. This campaign err?? memo was effective January 2009. They removed all the smoking areas and you are not allowed to smoke even at the parking lot as they put all those signage on every corner.

Those smokers now always take a lunch out so they can smoke to death from 12-1 hehehe. I am thinking how b00bsy will react on this signage 😛


Ice storm warning is in effect until Wednesday morning. People of Texas are not used of this kind of weather. We do not have equipments like those states that are used of ice and snow and being in teens temperature.

Too bad… how it feels good to smoke and puff cigars when the weather is sooo cold.

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Texas Tornado

Another Tornado hits Texas yesterday. Grabe ang damages sa Dawson County. I’m pretty sure lalo na naman tataas ang Home Insurance.

Thank God malayo layo din sa place ko – about 90miles. I noticed nagiging every other week na yata ang Tornado at Storm dito sa Texas. Last time sinlaki ng tennis balls ang hail ayun puro dimples ang mga cars. Check out the link below to see the Video.

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4 miles of School Zone

Another weird weather in Texas – Two times for this week that we have this bad weather. My company decided to let us go home at 3:00pm. I have to drive 20mph. They can honk for all i care hehehe… takot ko lang mag skid!

The road was so icy and slippery. I’m glad the house is just four miles from Ericsson. I took a picture of Snowy Bordek hehehe I bet masaya siyang nasa garage na kesa kanina na giniginaw siya sa parking lot.

The weather is joining the paranoia in a way, been two days that I am not getting enough sleep thinking about Green. Oh Well!

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